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Status code 580- new DTA

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Status code 580- new DTA

I swapped out an analog DTA yesterday to an HD version. PLugged it in and every channel gives me channel not authorized and status code 580. I swapped this bax around with my existing DTA and everythign works fine. Issue is realted to the new box or an account issue. I have talked with support 2 times and each time they go through the refresh process and nothing changes. They keep wanting to swap the box or send a tech out. This of course takes time. Any chance there is someone with a deeper knowledge of troubleshooting can look into this and maybe save me some time and effort? Thanks

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Re: Status code 580- new DTA

A refresh hit and or initialization on comcast end usually takes care of this, sometimes though depending on where the box came out of the file the box has is set for that area which requires a reset. 

Hold 0 on the remote around 5 seconds, as soon as the diagnostic menu comes up press 1,3,7,9 the box should reset if done correctly, watch and see if you get an update screen not always but typically you will see the "box is doing a required up date" after it does all that you will either get device is not activated or signal interrupted sometimes this will go away within in a minute or 2 as the box finishes updating if it doesn't it doesn't show up don't get discouraged but you can try a refresh signal from the xfinity app or calling the 1800 # but I would suggest customer service either on the chat or phone call to have them send a hit to the box and make sure the coding is correct on your accoun.t

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Re: Status code 580- new DTA

I had this issue as well.

They will run a scan.

Everything will be working fine on their end.

They will reset the box.

That won't work.

They will repeat the above.

Still won't work.

They will schedule a home visit and replace the box.


Called four times before I could get a tech to do as I asked.



If you have different boxes in your home, have the tech copy the code from one of the boxes that currently works.

Have them paste the code in the box that isn't working.

The non working box probably has an incorrect code (non HD code)

After two hours, and on my fourth call, the tech finally did that. (took him 30 seconds)

Presto...the box works.