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Set-top boxes reset every 10-20 minutes with status 800

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Set-top boxes reset every 10-20 minutes with status 800

I currently have the Limited Basic TV service with 2 active set-top boxes (the simple black boxes with a simple remote). A few weeks ago, they both started to have the same problem.  Every 10-20 minutes, the boxes display the following message:

"Please wait while your device receives a required updateThis update should complete in less than 20 minutesDuring the updatethe adapter may automatically resetSorry for the inconvenience."

The lower right corner of the message displays a "Status 800".  Also, the screen displays a progress bar that is always at 0%.  After a few seconds, the message disappears and it returns to normal TV.  Once in a while, the message displays wipes the channel guide memory and it shows "To be announced" for all programs.


I have tried unplugging the boxes and restarting them, but that does not help.  I looked at the diagnostic information accessed through the TV listings.  It shows that the problem started at the same time as the last system update/refresh.  I am wondering if Comcast could repush the update and possibly solve my problem.  I tried to refresh the boxes through the Comcast web page, but couldn't get it to work and I'm not convinced the web refresh supports these boxes.  I have found some similar articles on this forum, but none have documented solutions.


Help would be greatly appreciated.