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Recent SD Display Problems on Fox News - UPDATED

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Recent SD Display Problems on Fox News - UPDATED

Most of the major OTA and Cable network SD channels in our PacNW region usually have both Top and Side bars and the picture is displayed in a 16:9 aspect ratio within that fully boxed in area and our HDTV's Zoom can be used to fill out to the edges on our 16:9 screen.   Fox News SD has suddenly been the only exception for the last 2 months out here with only wide side bars on SD and stretched vertically with no top or bottom bars and the people look narrow  ... occassionally, it displays normally like most of the other SD channels with bars on all four sides with the people looking normal.


This oddball behaviour happens when both our widescreen HDTVs are set to all the different possible combinations available for our Motorola DCX3400M AnyRoom non-X1 DVR and the DCX3200 remote Terminal Outlet unit ..... i.e. 16:9, 4:3 Pan and Scan, 4:3 Letterbox, Native Output, 720p Output, 1080i Output, 1080p Output, and Stretch Graphics Enabled/Disabled.


I searched the Forums and see the same thing happens on and off to other people in other parts of the country on other different networks and SD stations, so it's not always just Fox News.


I've seen in the Forums various suggestions that it is the various networks' problem and then later see the posters reply after contacting the the various networks and local affiliates reporting that the networks and affiliates claim it is Comcast's fault.


I wonder what's causing this random PQ issue?  Thanks

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Re: Recent SD Display Problems on Fox News - UPDATED



Fox News SD Channel 48 is now working normally again today like the other SD channels .... However, now two adjacent channels 50 and 52 [History Channel SD and A&E SD] are displaying like Fox News SD was before with skinny people and no top/bottom black bars ... just side bars.   It's all very weird.



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Re: Recent SD Display Problems on Fox News, A&E, and History Ch - SOLVED

Seems like someone upstairs at Comcast must have read my posts out here in the PacNW Region because all the problematic SD channels including A&E and History as of this morning are now back to normal!   Thank you Comcast