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Re: HBO GO on TiVo

I purchased a Amazon Fire stick for $20 so I could watch HBO Go.  The more I use it, and the other streaming services on my Tivo, the more I wonder why I still subscribe to Xfinity.


Why do I keep paying money to Comcast if they are too insecure to support HBO Go on Tivo?  What am I getting from Comcast that I can't get via streaming?  Why am I keeping this triple play package when all I really need is Internet?


Why doesn't Comcast see this?  If Comcast was really smart, they would understand that their efforts to box people into their infrastruction just give their true competition -- cord cutting -- more customers and more money.  

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Re: HBO GO on TiVo

Thank you for sharing your feedback, Valen9! At this point, we don't support HBO Go app on Tivo. In order to make any changes, we have to get an agreement with HBO and Tivo. Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

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