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Proscan PLED2435A Remote Code 11454 XR2 Remote

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Proscan PLED2435A Remote Code 11454 XR2 Remote

I tried to answer older threads about this because I never found an answer until now. Just as the title states the Proscan model # PLED2435A Remote Code 11454 works on the XR2 Remote. Found this by this method:

Turn on your TV.
Press TV on your remote. Then hold Setup until the TV button flashes twice.
Enter 9-9-1 and the TV button will flash twice.
Press the CH+ multiple times until the TV turns offs.
Once the TV turns off, press Setup to lock in the code.

pull the code out of the remote
Press and hold setup until the light goes green.
Press 1 and cound how many times the light blinks
Press 2 and count
Press 3 and count
Press 4 and count
Press 5 and count.
There's your code....... 11454


I tested this a few times and each time the code was the same. Hope this helps someone, I know it's an older TV but still the one I use in the Kitchen nowadays. Happy TrailZ ..............