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Purchase TIVO BOLT went to the XFINITY store to get New Cable card followed instruction from TIVO to setup cable card on the TIVO BOLT went to XFINITY website for Cable CARD Self Install Setup Instructions.


Followed the instruction received the following error:

       Your Cable CARD was not paired with your device

       Cable CARD serial number: PKQNHWPSH

       Host ID: 0-350-147-687-296

Called the XFINITY cable card activation Team received help and check the

TIVO Cable Card Conditional Access Details Menu

       Status: Not Staged should be READY

       CA TIME: Waiting for Update


TIVO Cable Card Copy Protection Information Menu

      AUTH Status: Waiting for CP AUTH


Accessing any cable channel getting the following error message:

    “This Channel is not authorized. Contact your cable provider for more

      information (V58)”  


The technician unpaired and pair the cable card several times I changes coax cable and wall outlet from family room to living room and still have the same issues.


My next step will have a technician come out to house with several cable cards, coax cables, he will check the frequency for noise, validate the cable cards to be in working condition before he comes to my house and hopefully this should fix my problem.




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Re: Pairing TIVO BOLT

I purchased the Tivo Bolt new from the Tivo web site and contacted Comcast by text support to pair the Motorola M Card with the new Tivo Bolt. All of the Comcast was very friendly but unable to resolve the no channels available condition even after the card appeared to pair. Day 1 After two hours the text support was unable to get any channels to work even thought signal strength showed strong. The Comcast representative set up truck roll to resolve the issue. Day 2 The Comcast technician arrived on site and began to attempt pairing. After 4 hours and 5 different M cards the technician suggested I get a new M Card from the store. I visited the store and they indicated they ran out of M cards. I called technical support and they told me they will ship a card to my home after being on the phone for over 1 hour.

Day 3 I got Tivo and Comcast on the phone together and they were unable to resolve the no decoding of signal issue even though signal had test at 93% and above when truck technician tested. Tivo agreed to send brand new Tivo to my home even though we could not find any failure with the Tivo.

I would like to know how I get a higher tier support to help me properly pair the units once I get the new card and Tivo Bolt. Some posts indicate it is a billing issue or head end issue . Thanks for your help in advance.


Re: Pairing TIVO BOLT

Hi Freeme -- I can help with your Bolt. I received your PM with this same request. I will need some pieces of information in order to help you out. Please respond back to my PM with the following pieces of information and I'll get you taken care of:


Your full name, as it appears on your account, for authentication


CableCARD Serial Number

Unit Address

Host ID

Data ID


TiVo Serial Number

OOB Status

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Re: Pairing TIVO BOLT


Thanks for your response and help.

I am waiting for the new new Bolt and  new M Card to arrive and will send you the information from both.

Should be Thursday or Friday. Sorry for the delay.




Re: Pairing TIVO BOLT

Freeme -- Not a problem. Send a private message back to me once you have all the requested information and I'll get you taken care of.