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Pace RNG 150N - Macrovision

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Pace RNG 150N - Macrovision

Just wanted to share this info with everyone and especially for those knowledgeable video veterans who thought that Macrovision Copyguard protection was only applied to old pre-recorded VHS and many pre-recorded DVDs.

Yesterday, I exchanged a Motorola DCT700 for a Pace RNG 150N. My sister is "old school" with technology and still uses a VHS VCR to timeshift/record programs. She claims she'll finally upgrade to a DVR when her JVC VCR konks out.

Anyway, using the Pace RNG 150N, she recorded her two daytime dramas (soap operas) on CBS. Upon playback, the picture quality was severely degraded in a "cyclic" fashion as Macrovision is designed to do so, reducing the brightness level of the picture substantially and then restoring it back to normal.

It was most-interesting that the copy protection that is inserted into the vertical blanking interval, (VBI) was only occurring on the network channels (CBS-2, NBC-5, ABC-7, The CW-8, WGN-9, PBS-11, WCIU-26, FOX-32, etc.) and local non-network channels. All other cable channels, including premium like HBO are unaffected. She has Preferred XF Double Play with BLAST Internet.