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PIP box will not shut off onscreen, Help?

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PIP box will not shut off onscreen, Help?

Hi. Can someone please provide instructions/walk through on how to shut off the picture-in-picture box now appearing on my tv? These are the details for the issue:


- While changing channels with the Comcast-issued DVR remote, we must have pressed a button that turned on a black PIP box in the upper right corner of the screen.


- Using the PIP buttons located at the bottom of the remote didn't work (and per Comcast customer service, and any and all online forums I can find, including this one, they are "inactive"), and disconnecting any and all cables from the Xfinity cable box (model RG100) and reconnecting them (also at Comcast's suggestion) did not remove the box from the screen.


- No manuals for the Comcast DVR remote, Comcast customer service, or online forums have an answer to _just turn off_ the PIP box; I am not looking to split signals, reroute signals, attach other sources or anything OTHER than just finding the magic key combination that will rid me of this problem.

PLEASE NOTE, I was not using anything other than the Comcast remote at the time, so please do not suggest the option of "press the PIP button on your TV remote", as there isn't one. This was all done via the Comcast remote, so it would seem that it can be removed via that same method.


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Re: PIP box will not shut off onscreen, Help?

that box does not even have PIP functionality.  My guess is you have your comcast remote programmed to your tv so you can change channels and work the volume and one of the buttons on your Comcast remote brought up the PIP functionality on your TV.  So if that is the case you either need to get your original remote or go to the tv itself and go into the menu to get rid of the PIP or with your comcast remote put it in tv mode and start pressing buttons.

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Re: PIP box will not shut off onscreen, Help?

Just hit the help button and it will disapear. I called comcast and they didn't know how to fix it. I stumbled on a forum and I found this out. Wish comcast's tech's new how to operate their own equipment and the person tha told you, you can't is a dipsh*t.