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Our remote will not HOLD sync/pairing ..LG TV...HELP

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Our remote will not HOLD sync/pairing ..LG TV...HELP

We have an LG TV....and a Silver Remote with Red Ok button. It was working fine...batteries changed, etc.

After turning the TV and cable box off....if we try and turn on the system with the remote within a minute or two, it goes back on


If we use the remote to turn off the system.....and leave it off for a few hours...

It won't sync/pair. Either the TV goes on without the cable, or the reverse.

It takes almost an hour to get the right combination of codes etc., go get the

system meaning the box and the TV back on.

It's been such a nightmare....that we don't turn this TV off anymore.

Not a good thing.

Should be call a repairman?  Is there something we can do on our own?

The remote does work, once we get it paired back up....doesn't that say

that it's not broken for want of a better word?

Any help/suggestions that we can get, would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: Our remote will not HOLD sync/pairing ..LG TV...HELP

Standard IR (Infrared) remotes do not 'pair' or 'sync'. That is for Bluetooth/WifiDirect remotes. IR remotes are just set with a code to send the proper command format and ID for a device. The All Power button just sends a generic POWER command for each device in sequence, which devices treat as a simple on/off toggle. If one device misses the power command, it will get out of sync with the cable box. If I remember, there is a separate power button. You can press TV, then POWER, to turn it on separately. Then press CABLE to set it as the default for remote commands.