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OOB Lock: Weak, missing channels, unreliable channel switching

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OOB Lock: Weak, missing channels, unreliable channel switching

For several years I have successfully used a CableCard based tuner (HDHR Prime if it matters) with an xfinity CableCard. Lately channel changing has become slower and sometimes fails, meanwhile running channel detection fails to detect channels which should definitely be there (like local NBC affiliate).

At the same time in the tuner's CableCard status pages I see "OOB Lock: Weak" and "Signal Quality: 47%".

I have tried contacting support, but the reps seem unconfortable with CableCard technology and we get stuck at power cycle, tighten cable, etc.

I need someone from xfinity who knows CableCard tech to help.


Here are some snippets of status from the tuner:

Card Authentication success
Card OOB Lock weak
Card Validation




CableCARD Status
Card Manufacturer Motorola
Card Authentication success
Card Validation success
3DES encryption supported
OOB Frequency 75.250 MHz
OOB Lock 2.048 Mbps
Signal Strength 99% (-0.9 dBmV)
Signal Quality 52% (18.7 d
Channel List cablecard-oob