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No HDMI signal when X1 box turns back on

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No HDMI signal when X1 box turns back on

Box Model PX032ANI.

Symptom: Turn off the box using the remote or allow the power-off timeout to turn off the box. Press all on - TV comes back to life with blue screen saying no signal found. Press any/all buttons on the box and the blue light blinks, but no signal on the HDMI. This is a new problem. Nothing changed in the setup. I can confirm that that the TV input is correct.

Things I tried:

  1. Did the full reset from the web application - the one that takes 10 minutes - box works as expected. However, powering the box off/on after that has same problem. No signal on the HDMI output.
  2. Remove the power and restart. When box comes back froma power-off restart, it works normally. But you can't turn it off because it won't come back to life with any signal from the remote.
  3. Call Comcast and try to explain the problem. Useless - the agent told me that the problem had to have been solved because he sent a reset signal. Took me 10 minutes just to convince him that sending a reset signal to a box that refused to display anything wasn't going to work. I dutifully cycled the power and got his reset signal, at which point he told me the problem was solved.
  4. Tried deliberately cycling the HDMI inputs on the TV to force a re-sync. Still no signal.

I have a second, similar box that my wife uses. She reports the same problem - has to cycle the power to get a signal on her TV.



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Re: No HDMI signal when X1 box turns back on

Did you ever find a solution to this? I suddenly started having the exact same issue. Only power cycle of the box fixed it. I tried rebooting the TV, replacing cables, and so forth.


Only a power cycle of the box restores the picture.