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Limited basic boxes and fees

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Limited basic boxes and fees

Limited Basic Package

I get a SD box (no charge) part of my package with lousy picture. An HD DVR cost $10.00 a month. I pay a $7.00 rebroadcasting fee and all channels are broadcast in HD. Why is there not an HD box as part my bundle since I'm paying the rebroadcasting fee? Something seems really wrong about this.


Re: Limited basic boxes and fees

I received my latest Channel Lineup in January.


It looks like only the local over the air channels are supplied in HD in any service area with "Limited Basic" This tier replaced Analog Basic once it was no longer required by the FCC.


At on time I think local franchises required the cable companies to supply an HD signal. That might no longer be required so you get a SD cable-box to start with. In order to get a HD cable-box you would need to pay an additional HD Technology Fee ($10.). At that point they would exchange the SD box for a HD box. There might be a monthly fee for that box.


I would call the Comcast number to get things straightened out.