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How to delete a scheduled recording?

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How to delete a scheduled recording?

OK, I'm not even sure how I scheduled GOTHAM to record for viewing on my computer, but I don't want it to record every show. I've tried and tried to figure out how to delete it so it is no longer SCHEDULED, but all I can seemingly do is delete each show after it is recorded. How do I unschedule a scheduled show so it doesn't record any more?

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Re: How to delete a scheduled recording?

Hi jblenkle, I've found this works for me:

1. turn on TV Smiley Happy  Select MY DVR


3. Use the RIGHT ARROW for Future Recordings


5. Select GOTHAM

6. Select the RED button (set or cancel a recording)

7. Arrow down to Modify Recording Settings

8. Arrow down and Select- DON'T RECORD THIS SERIES 

That should do it.  Good Luck, Let me know if this works.

ciao, bj 

 edited to remove spacing-- bj hope it works