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HDHomeRun Prime Showing "None" under Validation

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HDHomeRun Prime Showing "None" under Validation


I just purchsed an HDHomeRun Prime and picked up a CableCARD from the Xfinity Store.  After calling and activating the card, I'm still receiving the following under Status:


Card Authentication success
Card OOB Lock success
Card Validation none


Without the Card Validation, I am unable to scan for channels.  I worked with Wilfredo in the CableCARD department, and he was unable to get it to work.  He stated that he's able to send messages to the card, but isn't receiving anything back.  However, according to Silicon Dust:


"Card validation is entirely a function of the cable provider sending the correct message to the CableCARD. The most common cause of problems is simply typing in the wrong numbers. Ask the support representatives from your provider to read back the numbers entered in their system, and make sure they match what you see.


If you are using a Motorola CableCARD, both the Host ID and Data numbers must be entered. One or more of the other numbers may also be needed, though it will vary by provider. You may want to refresh the page after they perform their actions and make sure that the Data number remains the same. If it did change, then this indicates that your provider unpaired or reset the CableCARD. This is not necessarily incorrect, but if they do this, you must provide the new Data number before they try to validate again, or it will fail."


I'm at a loss.  Is there anything we're missing here?


Thanks for your help.