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HD Homerun, cablecard, and DRM channels

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HD Homerun, cablecard, and DRM channels

I have an HD Homerun box with an activated cablecard in it, which in general is working fine.  There are a few standard definition channels that are not being scanned (channel 1 and 69, for example) and I am also not able to see the Starz channels due to DRM protection (Starz is included in my level of subscription).  I've read where others have been able to get this resolved after reaching out to Comcast/Xfinity, but after speaking to someone in the cablecard support group in Tucson, sending a card reset signal did not help and she said that there was nothing further that can be done since Windows 10 is the only supported platform for DRM.  Can help be offered for these two issues?  Thanks.


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Re: HD Homerun, cablecard, and DRM channels

I think 1 to 69 are over the air channels, and should not be scanned unless you have another HDHomeRun with an antenna connected. Unless you are referring to the Xfinity numbers on a cablebox. I don't have a cable box. So can't help there. 


HD Homerun app on Windows 10 can and should be able to decode the DRM. You may need to install a few packages (free from the windows store) to get it to work. You do not need the windows media center. That's bad advice from some of the Comcast reps. You will see repeated often. 


Those with an old android app they purchased from the store from Silicondust (no longer available for purchase) on an Android device can watch the DRM channels. Other than that they were trying to certify an Android-based DRM decryption solution which wasn't successful. I doubt that HDHomerun will try again. It's probably fatally flawed since HDCP has to be enabled on Android devices before DRM can be decrypted. There may be a Google angle to this. But the certification process for these decryption devices is tedious at best. 


HD Homerun has been silent on new attempts since their prior attempt in January 2017 failed.


The other option is an Xbox. Don't know what models of xbox work or if it's media extension from a windows machine as far as Xbox goes. Hope this helps.