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DTA status code 221

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DTA status code 221

Have 10 year old DTAs that could not get to work. Didnt need use of tvs anyway on the additional tvs so forgot them. Tried to set up tvs recently (had company over)  and got "interruption of service" after searching for cable signals. Called CS, said boxes are too old to work and shipped newer DTAs. CS said all I had to do is plug in and would work. Got same message except new DTAs give status code 221.


If Comcast is replacing old outdated equipment, why are they charging me $19 installation fee when they just ship new DTAs to me and I install?


Cannot find reason for code 221 anywhere. Any ideas?


CS said if the DTAs didnt work I would need to call Comcast for service call.

Wanting to get as much info as possible before I have to do that.