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Constant Signal Interruption on Arris HD digital cable boxes - HELP!

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Constant Signal Interruption on Arris HD digital cable boxes - HELP!

I have an X1 HD DVR box in my livinng room and I have 2 small Arris HD digital cable boxes in 2 bedrooms. I have no issues with the X1 box but recently started experiencing intermittant signal interruptions to both of the digital HD cables boxes over a few months and now they are worthless, displaying constant signal interruption with either a black screen that displays an error message saying "There is a service interruption, press chanel 934 and wait 3 minutes, if interruption continues to contact Comcast customer support status code 227 or 223" .. Or I experience severe pixelation and in and out picture. It has been so bad that I was credited a month of service so far. I scheduled an appointment with a comcast technitian but before the appointment, a representative called and seemed to have fixed the issue over the phone by sending a refresh signals and software updates, so I canceled the appointment then 2 days later the issue returned. Everytime a signal refresh is sent by a customer rep, it fixes the issue temporarily for a few hours then the issue happens again. The diagnostics page tells me the signal strength is "good" and

'poor" at times so it varies and everything else is in the green zone. When the boxes experience an interruption, they blink as well. My cables are new and the connections are fine. But I find it odd that BOTH boxes in two seperate areas of the house are experiencing the same problem at the same time. Another tech is scheduled to come out again. But was wondering if anyone had these same issues and/or was able to permanently fix it?? I went from paying absolutely nothing for the switch to these boxes to paying $7 a month for each of them. What a shame.

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Re: Constant Signal Interruption on Arris HD digital cable boxes - HELP!

Are the "small" boxes part of the X1 system or are they 'DTA's'?


You may have a MoCA issue.  Either the MoCA got tuned off in your router (which you can login and turn back on) or maybe you need a MoCA filter.


Or maybe your Splitter got wet (or old) and needs to be replaced?