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Clicked wrong button and lost TV input. Please help.

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Clicked wrong button and lost TV input. Please help.

Back in the day, we set our TVs to channel 3, usually, for cable, and we sat it to 2 for video. Seemed so simple.  *sigh*


I manually switch back and forth rather frequently between TV input (to watch comcast cable) and VIDEO input to watch streaming video using my Roku device.  Today, when switching between TV and VIDEO, I clicked the wrong button. ( I use the actual buttons on the side of the TV rather than the remote because it doesn't allow me to switch between input modes for some reason.)


As soon as I clicked the wrong button - which I THINK was the "channel up" button -- I immediately lost the TV input signal.  I tried clicking "channel down", but it didn't resolve the problem. 


I DO still have video input and can run streaming video.  I just can't use the TV input, as I normally do, to watch comcast cable channels. 


While trying to fix the problem, here is what I did (that maybe I shouldnt have done), using the MENU feature: 

  •  I went to "settings" and noticed that "Signal Type" was set to "air" rather than "cable".  I changed it to cable, then I ran an "automatic digital channel search".  No channels were found, and the screen went to full static. 
  • When looking at the channel options, I noticed that all of the channels are set as "analog".  I didn't change it, but thought it worth mentioning. 
  • Under "CHANNEL" settings, there is an option for "DTV setting", but I can't access that option.  It skips right over it when I try to select it.


Does anyone know how to resolve this??  I'm guessing it is a simple solution, but for the life of me I can't figure it out.  (And, FYI, all of my connections are tight, and I did try a reset, before digging into the menu options)


Thank you!!!


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Re: Clicked wrong button and lost TV input. Please help.

If you have the tv remote handy punch in channel 3. If that doesn't work unhook the incoming cable from the cable box hook it to the tv, then run the channel search
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Re: Clicked wrong button and lost TV input. Please help.

Should I run the channel search as digital or analog?


The only thing my remote is allowing me to do is turn the TV on or off, and adjust the volume. None of the other features are working.  (Normally,it at least allows me to change channels!)

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Re: Clicked wrong button and lost TV input. Please help.

You do not need to unhook the cable from the cable box to the tv. If you have the original tv remote. Press Channel Up or down, until it gets to Channel 3 or 4. If you are able to just press the 3 or 4 button. The tv should auto tune. If you do not have the original remote. Go to the tv and find the channel up & down buttons on it. It should allow you to change back to the proper channel.

Now if the box is not connected by coax cable. It may be just wrong input. There should be a button on the tv marked "Input" or "Video". Things like these do happen when you have multiple devices on your tv as you do. The thing about using the Comcast remote as your main remote. It may not allow you to change tv functions, since the installers will make them locked to only operate the cable box, but allow you to raise and lower tv volume and turn on and off the tv only.

I get calls like this about three times a day. Most times it is older family members that are so used to the older way of doing things. One remote for a tv that would only get maybe 60 channels, when you did not have a cable box.