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Can you please put me in touch with the right agent who can get the cablecard activated

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Can you please put me in touch with the right agent who can get the cablecard activated

Dear comcast: 

Your customer service agents are horrible. They suggest that hdhomerun view on android which you listed as a supported application in your 2017 message will not work with HBO. And that I am required to contact Hdhomerun view to open up a support ticket. 
My Hdhomerun view is running the latest firmware. So there are no issues with my Hdhomerunview as far as I can tell. 


I have exchanged three cable cards now. I can receive all the channels except HBO. That was the case with all three cards. However, the latest card worked much better. It was programmed quickly. 


However, before I got the latest card, your customer service agents located outside the US (who had no idea what a cablecard was) added the cablecard box as a generic box instead of a TIVO. It shows up on my account as an X1TV device with a status of troubleshoot. Can you please remove the entries and add them again to at least eliminate the possibility that there is an error on your end? Before you make me run through other steps that are irrelevant? 


I am not going away because your agent says that something that is support is NOT supported. And I am getting billed way more than I should be because the service is now classified as a cable box from Comcast instead of equipment I own! 





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Re: Can you please put me in touch with the right agent who can get the cablecard activated

Here is information on how the issue was resolved for some other users. There is a lot of misinformation with the agents.   

Bottomline is if you have a HDHomeRun Prime and use the HDHomeRun View Android App for Android you should be able to get DRM HBO channels. 


A quote from comcast TED on this forum: 

"Channels that are copy protected by the cable provider (indicated by the DRM mark) can only be accessed by hardware/software that supports industry-approved protection, which basically means a PC running Windows Media Center, a media center extender linked to such a PC, a Playstation 3, or our HDHomeRun VIEW app for Android."


I am using HDHomeRun VIEW app for Android. So, I should be getting the DRM Channels. But I don't. So, the solution for this issue is with the billing department not with the cablecard department. However, we can't get to the billing department to have the solution below taken care of because none of the support team knows or will help. See the solution posted by a user below! I fell like I am going around in circles with this: 


Can a Comcast employee high enough up the ladder please do something to resolve this resolvable issue instead of having me run around? 




"Re: DRM Channels not displayed CableCard HDHomeRun Prime

For what it is worth this is a post from SuchKnight from 2016.  It makes sense to me:


Yes, thank you. It was resolved yesterday. If anyone is interested in understanding the solution if they run into the same issue, here it is.


1. A CableCard Support person will attempt to send "hits" to the device to reset or pair the CableCard, however in this case it was already paired and did not resolve the issue.

2. A Comcast Technician will come out and is able to do the same "hits" on the CableCard.

3. From what I found out, the CableCard Support person and the Technician don't have access to the Billing System. A billing rep has to send a signal to refresh the CabledCard from the billing system which will set all non-premium channels to copyfreely instead of copyonce which is why the HDHomeRun Prime shows "DRM".


I hope this post helps someone in the future from taking off work to meet a Technician at home. Ultimately, it was resolved so I'm happy, but it would be good if Comcast could provide this sort of information to their Techs training information. The Tech I worked with was great and super nice, but hadn't ever had to do this in his 15 years."