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CableCard with Windows Media Center -- no channel data

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CableCard with Windows Media Center -- no channel data

I recently moved to Florida from Oregon.  In Oregon, I used a Ceton infiniTV card connected to my computer with a CableCard and was able to use Windows Media Center to watch and record TV.


I have not been able to get Windows Media Center to work since I moved.  I have had a service tech at my home.  He tried several CableCards and had the CableCard firmware was updated.


Before I give up and return the CableCard, I did a search on the this board and found this listing:

No Channel Data


Even though this poster is using a HDHomeRun Prime, the issue seems to be exactly the same as mine.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!






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Re: CableCard with Windows Media Center -- no channel data

I concur that the issue seems to be administrative and on the comcast side of things.      Unpairing/repairing the cable card repeatedly is one idea.   Do it ten times!


Demonstrating the cablecard functioning properly after being paired into a different cablecard device is another idea, if you can find another cable card device.   


Comcast SD non-DVR cable boxes actually use(d) cablecards, so maybe...

How about trying one of the old SD cable-boxes that has cable-card in a locked cage attached to the back of the cable-box.    Demonstrate that it can tune channels.   With permission/help of comcast/tech, use the special screwdriver to remove the cage and swap the known-working-cablecard into the HD-homerun and do the cable-card pairing process and test...