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CableCard Pairing with TiVo Bolt

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CableCard Pairing with TiVo Bolt

I have a brand new TiVo Bolt that I have been struggling to set up a cable card for. I am confident in the DVR's functionality, but for some reason I can not get passed the "Please wait, Acquiring Channel Information" and it is stuck at either 72% or 89%. 

Things I have done:

Tired 2 Cablecards

Reinstalled the CableCard, and ran guided setup over again to no avail

Called a CSR and waited for her to finally pair my card- this changed nothing

The CableCard activation site says that the card is paired, but my pairing screen shows that it is invalid (VAL = "no"), and has a question mark.

Also, the CableCard activation site gave me an error when activating the card that is paired.

I read from some posts a year ago, "@ComcastPhill" seemed to understand the issue. 


It is also worth noting that the cablecard does not show up as rented in my account page and the customer service center employee didn't scan it or anything when it was issued to me. So maybe it isn't set up for my account/head-end?

Please will someone from Comcast take on this issue for me? 

I have the Card details such as HOST ID and DATA etc.




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Re: CableCard Pairing with TiVo Bolt

Hi Nbauer29, thank you for reaching out and I have responded to your private message.


Thank you

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Re: CableCard Pairing with TiVo Bolt

I have the same problem. Moved my card from my old Romio to my new Bolt. Comcast was supposed to have paired it with the new Bolt. But its not working. Stuck on either 72% or 89%. I just spent 90 minutes on the phone with Comcast cable card support and no luck. I'm at a loss.
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Re: CableCard Pairing with TiVo Bolt

I have had a similar problem for  a month. Bought a Bolt, switched my old cable card to the Bolt, worked fine except for 6 out of dozens of channels. While researching that issue, installed a new TV, only recieved 'standard' broadcast and some other channels (MeTV, ESPN3. CSPAN and some others (weird pattern), Had several techs out, no go. Comcast mailed me a new cable card; couldn't get it even recognized.  Had tech out today, he had no cable cards despite my requests for some...had to go back to warehouse to get some...HQ couldn't even see these on inventory...he finally got the one they sent recognized (bless his heart!) but now no channels are seen (V58 error on all channels, before had V56 and V58). No progress before he had to leave despite numerous calls to his tech. He commented there was no MAC address?  I am at wits end (and maybe Comcast's end) Supposed to call in tomorrow to see if Office(?) can help.  Any ideas? Comcast box works great (of course!  Smiley Happy  )