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Cable lines

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Cable lines

Tech came to install new cable boxes for X1 TV. Tested my cable lines and said they were old and would not support the new cable boxes. I asked him if they would run new cable lines and he said comcast no longer run inside wall cable lines.

I pay a fee each month to comcast for a "service protection plan" which includes "Inside home wiring protection for your cable TV, high speed internet and phone service".

I called comcast and asked them what's up? They told me they stopped running cable lines inside the walls due to the amount of complaints, due to damage done at homeowners property. Sad.

So what am I paying this fee for? 

My question is has anyone else come across this same situation with old cable wiring and what solution is there to upgrade to X1. Comcast solution to me was to hire an electrician to pull new cable wires thru the walls, at my expense.

Please help.



Re: Cable lines

The Service Protection Plan specifically excludes cable that is "wall fished". If you need to upgrade your wiring in your house, you'll have to hire a contractor and cover the cost yourself. Sorry.

I am not a Comcast employee, just a moderator. Pls observe Wheaton's Law.
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Re: Cable lines

I just went through a similar experience with Comcast in Seattle. After I ordered the new X1 boxes, a technician came and checked my outlets and said my signal was too weak. He installed a new signal booster that didn't help. Then he called another technician who climbed the pole outside and changed a fitting. Still no go. Tech No. 1 said the lines inside my walls were corrupted and my signal was too weak. He arranged for another tech to come to string new cable on the outside of the house (ugh). So, a week later the third technician came and said he had no information about what techs 1 and 2 did. Anyway, before installing any new cable, he checked the signal and removed a signal splitter from a location in the house I was not using for TV and removed the new signal booster. He said the signal was now OK, and he then ordered up techician No 4 who came a few days later with the X1 boxes. Tech no 4 said he had no information about what techs 1,2 and 3 did and checked the signal again. He said the signal was fine (notwithstanding the corrupt cables in my walls) and installed the boxes.


I have been using the new boxes after only one phone call to Comcast (about 40 minutes on the line) for three days snd the boxes seem to be working fine. The process requires a lot of patience. Good luck.


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Re: Cable lines

Thank you for your replies. I appreciate any help, info or suggestions.

I don't have a printed copy of the "Service Protection Plan", but just what it says on my comcast bill I receive each month. 

"service protection plan" which includes "Inside home wiring protection for your cable TV, high speed internet and phone service".


I do have 2 splitters in the house and I am going to change them out and see if that makes a difference before I call them out again. In the meantime I am going to try to get a price for either fishing new cable thru the walls or run new cables out side the house and cover them as best as possible.


I believe if comcast offers new services and new equipment than they should be responsible for running new cables in and out of the walls if needed. After all, I think we all pay plenty for their services.

Just my opinion and any help is appreciated in advance

Thank you

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Re: Cable lines

JM I've never heard of Comcast refusing wall fishes, unless its a system by system thing. In this area they charge 25/per. It doesn't mean it's always possible to do them. It's kind of a house by house basis on how to run new cable outlets because its not always possible to follow the original run from 30 years ago, ie. finished basements, and way back they drilled holes just enough for 59 but wouldn't fit rg6, lines stapled etc. For an upper floor you might have to run one cable to the attic and then fish down the interior walls where possible. If done properly/professionally there should be no complaints or damages. If someone knows what they're doing you shouldn't be able to tell they were there.
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Re: Cable lines

thank you andrew.

yes comcast told me they stopped fishing inside wall lines about a month ago because of all the complaints they were getting from damage to customers property. If comcast doesn't want to do it they should than reimburse their customers the money the customers have to pay for an electrician to do it.

It's just frustrating that they offer upgrade services and equipment and for a long time customer as myself, (I had comcast internet when it was called "@home") can not take advantage of it because the lines they installed originally are inadequate. I have to pay out of my pocket to make their equipment work.

thank you for your help. I will either try to run new lines myself or bite the bullet and change providers.