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Cable card no VCT

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Cable card no VCT



I'm now on my third cable card trying to get my Silicon Dust tuner to work properly.  The first two got nothing but the ten or so unencrypted government access channels.  This current one, the third one, doesn't even get a VCT.


I've seen numerous other posts related to this and it almost always seems to be something involved in "routing" on the Comcast end.  The nice lady in the 'Cablecard Department' has been a saint but seems unable to resolve this.


What information do you all need from me to resolve this?  


Tim Schall, KA7PBI

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Re: Cable card no VCT

I guess you probably need some of this stuff to:


Card Manufacturer Arris/Motorola
Card Authentication success
Card Validation none
3DES encryption supported
OOB Frequency 104.200 MHz
OOB Lock 2.048 Mbps
Signal Strength 90% (-6.0 dBmV)
Signal Quality 100% (51.7 d
Channel List none


CableCARD ID: 000-076-660-291-6
Host ID: 064-320-266-301-6
Data: 021-389-058-11

UnitAddress: 000-00766-60291-253
Card S/N: MA1238EWP800
eCM MAC: Unknown
Host MAC: 00:18D:31:6E:03
Host Type: One-way


2-Way: Unknown LKC: 104.20N
Rx RF Freq: 104.20-NT
Tx RF Freq: ---.-- Power: --
EMM ID/PID: 1/0x1503
VCTID: 3 OOB Msgs: 665
VCT: 0 OOB-rate: 0
NIT: 38 XAIT: 0
NTT: 30 CVT: 0
STT: 6 EAS: 0
Full Tx: 0 Full Rx: 0