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Cable Box Guide does not fill out

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Cable Box Guide does not fill out

Cable box Guide does not fill out completely.  It takes days to fill out, and then never more than 6 days out.  Comcast says it should take 40 minutes to fill out; doesn't work.  RNG200N box.

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Re: Cable Box Guide does not fill out

Sadly, this is normal for non-X1 (iGuide). There is a fixed amount of memory allowed for the Guide on the box. When it fills up, it throws out the furthest away data to make room for closer-in data (it's called triage in the diagnostics.) The data is sent in several waves. There is near-term (6-8 hours) that is sent constantly, so you should have a few hours of data within an hour or so. The full 14 days (it can theoretically go that far, if it had the memory) takes a day or so to slowly transmit. Unlike X1, iGuide uses the very slow OOB (Out Of Band) channel to download data. It is a multicast feed that is constantly sent and the box just listens in and fills in what it can. X1 uses a built-in DOCSIS modem and acts more like an Internet-connected computer.