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Cable Box Constantly Freezes

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Cable Box Constantly Freezes

I cannot watch an hour of TV before it freezes.  Sometimes it reboots and sometimes it doesn't.  I am on my third cable box.  Each time the techs have just shrugged their shoulders and said "I'll get you a new box.".  Nothing corrects it, and I refuse to get up and down 6 times a day to unplug and replug  the ,)##$ box.  Now the remote has begun to stop working intermittently.  New batteries so that's not it.  It just quits.  I have to reset it.  The TV freezes abd so does the remote.  Why am I paying this company?  I am beyond fed up and disgusted with this company.  No wonder Comcast is one of the most reviled businesses in the US.  Nothing is ever easy or fixed wih them.










Re: Cable Box Constantly Freezes

Very good questions.    The maximum amount to pay for glaringly buggy equipment is $0.00 .   Consider to boxes/plans such that you get the two or three free HD-DTAs via "choice tv" aka "limited basic" and your customer-satisfaction level will increase - try it for a couple months and supplement with streaming-services as you see fit.      Venn Diagrams are super-useful for comparing the seemingly bizarrely bundled and overlapping streaming services.    If you look up the costs the providers pay the channels, you can see how/why the bundles are selected via each streaming service.    Compare with the top-notch xfinity-streaming app provided with choice-tv/limited-basic along with the free HD-DTAs.    For 'extra' channels compare xfinity with the competitors and select as you see fit.    Note that for local/free-TV channels the best option is usually an antenna with an owned-DVR on your residential network - there are so many cool options lately.      Best regards!