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CSAPDU5VPI power source can't be behind a splitter?

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CSAPDU5VPI power source can't be behind a splitter?



Simple question - I have the CSAPDU5VPI amplifier outside the house


Our house used to have two cable sources on opposite sides of a wall with one cable feeding it and a splitter going to both wall jacks


We only had one of them connected and the other jack just dead, but I was going to set up a splitter inside the wall again


Come to realize, our CSAPDU5VPI power source is on the one wall jack that is connected.  After setting up the splitter, cable didn't work - assuming it didn't get power, but I didn't check with a multimeter to be sure.  Just, no TV Smiley Wink


Splitters tried:  Two comcast installation leftovers, a commscope SV-2G and a PCT PCT-NGNII-2S, both 2-way -3.5 jobbies (about as typical as one could get)


So is this normal behavior for this amplifier ...?  I guess I will have to move the power source location... ?


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Re: CSAPDU5VPI power source can't be behind a splitter?

Yes that is normal, remote power doesn’t pass through a splitter (no matter what type) but there is a splitter (if you can find one) that will split power and signal. If you use one, make sure that line is coming out of port 1.

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Re: CSAPDU5VPI power source can't be behind a splitter?

Yep, the power-T is already plugged in...


...Just after the 2-channel splitter. 


I will just have to get another UPS for the amplifier power supply and plug it into another outlet if I want to get the cable working on that outlet again (or run another RG6 cable).  


No big deal either way...  Was just curious.  Thanks!