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Black screen Weather Channel HD

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Black screen Weather Channel HD

Last couple of days get only a black screen on Weather Channel HD. No error codes just black screen and no audio. No other channels affected and it is a neighborhood problem not just our location. This happens every couple of months and after a few weeks channel works again.Customer service has no idea of cause of problem. Very frustrating especially since you discontinued the Weatherscan channel. Any ideas?
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Re: Black screen Weather Channel HD

Where are you having the problem? Up in the 800 or 900 series where HD channels reside?


Have you looked for the Weather Channel (SD version) found maybe in <100 series, or 200 series. If you find it there, there might be corrosion in connections or damage to a transmission line in your neighborhood. Just certain frequences get affected under those conditions. Checking "support" for trouble-shooting for your cable-box, or calling your local service center might work better to solving the problem.