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Bedroom Cable Box Error Code

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Bedroom Cable Box Error Code

I purchased a secondary box from Comcast to use in my bedroom. After setting it up, it will spend a few minutes with Error Code 101 on the screen ("Searching for service in your area..."). It will boot to 100%, then change to Error Code 221: Signal Interrupted. 


I have troubleshooted on my own, did a System Reset, & called Comcast. The woman on the phone was not particularly helpful. She tried sending a signal out & the box did not immediately respond. She asked us to hold, then came back about 5 minutes later & sent some other kind of signal.


Our box restarted itself upon her sending the second signal, but eventually displayed the same error codes (101, then 221). She basically told us we could either pay to have the technician come out (which I don't want to do, as we just upgraded our package & are already spending more money) or we could have them send us a new box to try.


I would really like to troubleshoot this with someone more experienced. Please let me know if you're able to help.