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Bait and Switch Sales...

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Bait and Switch Sales...

So I ordered new service from Comcast in April of this year.  Did my homework on the packages available and worked with a salesman for almost an hour to get to the bottom line.  My requirements were: 


All the premium channels, except the sports channels and foreign language channels. 

3 TVs, one X1 DVR.  

Fastest internet service. 


Pretty simple...I thought. Ended up signing up for a two year agreement, everything delivered and set up.  4 service calls later (and one new modem to replace the brand new one that didn't put out wifi), and it seems to work. That is, until I try to watch TV on one of the other two TVs.  They only get basic cable, no premium channels. I call customer support, they tell me "no problem, I'll get you over to billing."  Uh...billing?  Seems that the salesman "forgot" to mention that while I'd be paying an additional $70+ month for premium channels, I wouldn't actually be able to *watch* those channels on the other TVs.  He did ask if I wanted additional DVRs (no) or watch PPV (no) on the other TVs, but NEVER asked whether or not I'd like to actually watch the premium channels I'm *paying* for.  It's a bit like going to pick up your new car from the dealership, after negotiating all the options, and seeing your call flat on the ground in the showroom. "Oh, you wanted WHEELS AND TIRES with that? Oh, that's going to cost you extra."  So now they're asking me to pay ANOTHER $10+/month for HD boxes.  Is this even legal?  Isn't there an implied merchantability law in Maryland?  Help! 

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Re: Bait and Switch Sales...

Hi ibkuda,


I apologize for the miscommunication. I'd be more than happy to review your account to see how I can help make this right. Please send me a private message verifying the first and last name of the account holder, and the street address associated with your services. To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me.