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How can I get my TV screen to display the 3 digit RF pairing code when it only wants to show programming on the selected channel? Is there a special "setup chanel" I should tune to?  My replacement Xfinity set-top box is not made by Motorola or Cisco, it is made by Dolby.  The box is in a phone closet behind closed doors 20 feet from my TV and behind all the seating. Through trial and error, I found that the RNG110 responds to my XR2 remote's direct line of site IR controls by holding Setup and then selecting B, the motorola setting.  When attempting to configure Aim Anywhere RF communication to the RNG110, the TV screen only shows the selected channel and not the setup screen where a 3 digit pairing number could be viewed and then entered.  The recommended website does NOT provide a list of set-top boxes that are compatible with RF remotes, though it does provide 5 digit codes, where again through trial and error I found that code 10702 allows me to control TV power and volume, but not channels.  Question 1.) How do we get the 3 digit RF pairing code to appear on the TV?  Question 2.) Can a list of set-top boxes that are Aim Anywhere capable be listed at  By cycling power on my Dolby RNG110 I was able to get my Samsung TV remote to control the setbox chanels, so I can deduce that the RNG110 is RF capable.

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The RNG110 is considered to be one of our Legacy cable boxes, and Legacy boxes do not support RF remote control - only IR.


Our X1 boxes do support RF control.  All X1 boxes have this feature built-in, with the exception of the RNG150, which would need an XR8 Aim Anywhere Adapter to be added.