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2d CableCard FEE?


2d CableCard FEE?

2d CableCard fee? 


I've a CableCard with a TiVo 'now' and also an XG1V4. I've bought a newer TiVo and I'd like to use another CableCard vs swap of the current card. If it does what I want I might keep the 2d card OR if it doesn't I'd likely just remove and return.


Is it eaily added and then maybe removed in a month if not happy?


How much is the 2d fee?

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Re: 2d CableCard FEE?

There's no charge for the card itself in a second Tivo, but typically you would be charged a $9.95 Additional Outlet fee. Since you would also be eligible for a $2.50 Customer Owned Equipment credit, adding the second Tivo would increase your Comcast bill by $7.45. See