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ANSWERED: Xfinity Regional Sports Fee Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Regional Sports Fee?
The Regional Sports Fee is an itemized charge on your bill that recovers a portion of the costs of broadcasting multiple regional sports networks to our standard video services.


Do other providers charge this type of fee? 
Yes. Providers are implementing different ways to offset rising programming costs. Other providers charging a similar Regional Sports Fee include BrightHouse, Cablevision, DIRECTV, Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS.


Is this fee the same everywhere?
Generally, the fee is the same, but there are a few markets where the fee will be different based on local costs.


Why do all customers have to pay for regional sports channels as part of their Xfinity TV service with this fee, even if they don't watch them?
Our digital channel lineups include a variety of programming that appeals broadly to our customers' interests, including general entertainment, news and sports programming. Under the current distribution model, we offer these very popular regional sports networks on our most widely distributed levels of service, and this fee covers a small portion of our costs to carry these increasingly expensive channels.


How will it be itemized on the bill?
The Regional Sports Fee appears in the Other Charges and Credits section of the monthly billing statement for most customers. In Greater Chicago, Heartland and parts of Big South, the regional sports fee will appear in the Other Charges section.


Will the Regional Sports Fee increase each year?
The Regional Sports Fee may be adjusted in the future to offset the rising costs of carrying these networks.


Have other questions about the Regional Sports Fee or other items on your bill? Feel free to post those on our Billing Board

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