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two accounts in different states

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two accounts in different states

I have two accounts. One in Mi and one i Fl. I have two different logins and passwords (no problem) but when I logged in it asked me to update my email (not a comcast one) and it won't let me use my email (aol) because it's linked to another account. I also just got Xfinity mobile so I tried to change my cell # for contact but they say that too is linked to another account. Why don't they allow this for "snowbirds" who go south in the winter. Have us login in to xfinity and show both accounts and let us click on the one one we're inquiring about (similar to logging into a bank website and picking your account whether it's savings, checking, or loan). I shouldn't have to have multiple cell #s or email addresses.

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Re: two accounts in different states

Hi waggletwo. Unfortunately, we no longer have the ability to link your two accounts for one user ID. You will need to manage your separate accounts with separate user ID's/usernames. 


I will pass along your feedback regarding your request for this feature.