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What happened to the entertainment tab on xfinity home page where you have


Top      News    Sports     Games   Shopping   Katy Perry    " (Entertainment)"                                      TV Listings

   That Tab had stars birthdays on that day & other things.


And also what happend to the feature where we could program our T.V. from our laptops or computers from anywhere



Re: home page

Hi Terminator75 -- The entertainment tab is still available on our home page. The ability to set recordings from your computer is no longer available. 

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Entertainment tab

I did not get what I was looking for, If you look beneath these lines I copied the way the line I'm talking about should look like

           The Entertainment tab is no longer there, this is where I used to be able to go and see the stars birthday and other things.

            This line is right beneath the first section of news items on my home page.

                      Thank you for any help you can give me.




Re: Entertainment tab

If you scroll down on the page you'll see an area that says Entertainment; it's under Top Headlines.





FWIW, @ComcastZach, I also do not see the Entertainment tab.  Using Firefox.


entertainment tab missing.JPG


I am not a Comcast employee; I am just a customer, volunteering my time to help other customers here in the Forums.

If you'd like information about the Expert program, you can find it here.