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Xfinity website is so buggy...


Xfinity website is so buggy...

For some reason the Connect app on my iPhone started telling me I needed to set a PIN before viewing my call logs. I've already set a PIN and retrieving VMs and call logs on the app was working before. The error message said to try logging off and back on, but it's still coming up with the same set PIN message.


I then go online via Firefox, Chrome, and Edge and the Xfinity website(s) are so buggy. For one, I attempted to chat with support but before I could do that I had to enter in my first and last name, zip code, email address, and a short description. After doing so and starting the chat, a chat window pops up stating that I needed to enter in a valid account number. There was no field in the chat window to input what it was asking for. The only thing I could do was click on end chat, which got me no where!


The other issue I had was with the voice option. After logging in it took me to the my account section. I then click the phone icon to take me to the voice option. It took several tries because the site would try to load but then an error message came up (something about a communication error and that Xfinity has been notified). Clicked on the reload button in the error message and finally took me to the voice page. Except it didn't show me any voicemails or call logs. Instead a message in the center of the screen said click here to get PIN (I already have and know both my PINs).


There was nothing else to do except to click on the get PIN, which then took me back to the billing screen. It's just a vicious cycle now. Time to fire some engineers (actually time to hire some engineers and teach them coding - much better than the so called programmers that call themselves engineers). Whatever!