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Weekly Cable System Tests

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Weekly Cable System Tests

Why do "weekly" cable system tests continue to interrupt late-night tv viewing?  Weekly

should mean "once a week" but I get them on Tues. night , sometimes on Wed. night and 

now on Sun. night.  I work late hrs. and use my DVR to rewind programs that I watch when

I get home.  These tests override the DVR and return everything back to real time.


The last time I wrote, Comcast told me to call a technician.  I don't need a technician.  The

wiring is new.  The equipment is working, except when you broadcast those ridiculous tests.

And please don't tell me to check with my local broadcaster.  When the local station does a

test, the message scrolls across the top of the screen and doesn't affect the program that's 

airing at that time.  These other tests say they are from my "cable system".


If I knew when to expect a test every week, I could plan for it, but they pop up any time on any

channel.  I will be moving soon and I'm seriously considering an antenna with my own DVR.

This aggravation is not worth what it costs every month.  And every yr. it goes up.  The last 

time we had a outage a phone recording told me to check the website for repair updates.  Gee, maybe I would have if my internet service had been WORKING.  How stupid!


I don't watch half the channels I'm forced to include in my package anyway, and I don't think I

should have to pay for them.  But Comcast is clearly not listening.  I'm ready to say goodbye.