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Secondary user with no primary

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Secondary user with no primary

This has been happening for well over a year now: somehow my account with no other users is made a secondary user (restricted). Most recently I noticed this after signing in to HBO Go, but it could have been a coincidence. I've given up on chat and calling customer service because in the past they have said they would send it along and give me a ticket number and no one would follow up with me. One person was able to help me get it changed back but they were also not sure how it happened in the first place. Going to users/accounts doesn't help, since it's a restricted secondary user account.

Luckily I have my bill set up through online banking so I get a copy from my bank every month, but I can't view my bill online! I can't add premium channels. I was seriously considering upgrading and actually giving Comcast more money but the user account interface is making it impossible. I've called so many times before, it's exhausting. Help?
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Re: Secondary user with no primary

You have a primary username listed on your account. If you send me a private message with your account details, we'll be able to discuss it further.