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Online access for multiple accounts

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Online access for multiple accounts

I have 4 accounts with Xfinity. For me to access their info online, I need 4 different email addresses and 4 different phone numbers. I have 2 emails and 2 phone numbers.... I should be able to enter my email and have all accounts accessible under that one. Additionally, Xfinity can’t let me reset a password to one of my accounts because their service rep that setup the Acct forgot to put in a security question so the only way I can get a reset code is by a phone call to the land line at that house or via regular mail. Problem: it’s a vacation house without mail available, and no phone. I only visit it 1 month a year and rent it other times during the summer. No one will be at the house for 5 more months from now. I’ve asked to have reset code sent to my billing address or Home cell but was told that’s not an option.
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Re: Online access for multiple accounts



I can help by providing information to the team that will be able to help get your password reset. In order to assist you, please reach out to me in a private message so I can provide you with the contact number. 


To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me.