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Merged accounts can't access

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Merged accounts can't access

I have two accounts (at two addresses) that are merged under my one xfinity user.

Because the accounts are merged, I can click on the account button in the upper right of the screen and change from one account to the other. This allows me to see information from either account, including what services each account has, and I can manage those services, except voice.

If I access the Services -> Manage Voice page (, it just jumps back to the overview screen when I click it.

I've called in for service, but they haven't been very helpful, it seems like this service should just work and that maybe my account isn't setup right. Possibly confusing things, one of my accounts only has Internet Service, no voice, no TV. The other account has Internet, TV, Voice.

Any advice?


Call support suggested I needed to create a new user for the account with Voice. I did that, but the new user didn't show up in the account with Voice, it showed up in my other account (which is my first account). So, I can't create a user for the account with voice.