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Login redirect

Why are these forums full of posts about people who can't do anything on the Xfinity website because of the constant redirect to wifiondemand, but no answers, and obviously no fix. This has been happening to me for a year if not more, I'm shocked it's still a thing. So embarrassing.
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Re: Login redirect

Hi Zambartas, thank you for reaching out.  The few login redirect issues I have helped with were because the Comcast email address or 3rd party email address used to log into the portal online are on old account without any entitlements. If there isn't any active entitlements the email address will act as a non-Comcast customer causing the redirection to Wifi on demand website.


I will gladly review this for you, to get started could you please send me a private message with your account information (name on account, address, account number and username you are using to log in).


Thank you