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Link or delete old and incorrect accounts

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Link or delete old and incorrect accounts

I attempted to get this issue resolved twice by phone but have been unsuccessful. The last tech created an incident number of: IH32735835

Basically I have one old account from an address I cancelled over a year ago. I can't use the number or email from that one in my new account at our new address. I also attempted to open a new account online, but failed, and the sales rep created a new order, causing a 3rd account to be made. Basically, i want to use my phone number from the first account and the email from the second as my main contact info for the 3rd (new main account, since it has the correct address and service info for my current place). I have all the account info for each. I don't care if the accounts are linked or deleted, I just want one. Can I get somone who knows how for this 3rd attempt?
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Re: Link or delete old and incorrect accounts

Hello harstadjk. I can assist with getting your accounts consolidated to just one. Please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account.