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Delete my old account

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Delete my old account

I had prepaid internet and decided to upgrade to the whole deal with tv and high speed internet,

however everytime i try to sign in on my computer it takes me to the prepaid account (which is no longer active) and tells me that whatever i'm doing is not provided in the prepaid world. There has to be a way to fix this.and i think i further complicated it by linking the accounts. please tell me how to make all the info on the old account disappear from the system so i can veiw and pay my bill online or watch tv on my computer . this has me so frustrated. it's my 3rd month and i still can't sign into the right account unless i use the app on my phone to pay my bill. that's it.


please can someone help me?

thanks so very much

Duane <Edited>


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Re: Delete my old account

I had to call 1800comcast; I think I had to ask for Account or Billing.

I am not a Comcast Employee.
I am just a customer, volunteering my time to help other customers here in the Forums.
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