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Can't make change to own account

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Can't make change to own account



I had an xfinity account over a year ago in one location, did not need one this last year, and now have a new address/location that I am having service installed at (scheduled for less than a week).  However, when I go to my account, it identifies it as locked and I cannot look at any information (such as installation, my plan, etc.).  It is noted that I cannot make changes to this account and to please contact the owner (me).  


Will this locked status/inability to do anything with the account be changed when the installation occurs, or how can this be fixed?  Any information would be helpful.  

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Re: Can't make change to own account

Typically Comcast will assign a new account number to your new location. You'll need to watch out for that as you "close out" your old service and "start up" your new service.
Your current Comcast email address(es) (user IDs/logins) may not transfer to your new account, and Comcast may create a new Primary user ID for the new account.


Double check your UserIDs on your home system with the Lookup tool at After you enter the requested information you'll see a list of the UserIDs on your account and an indication of which one is Primary.

If the ID you are using is not Primary, you'll need to log in with the Primary ID. If you need help with that, or if your ID is Primary but you still don't have access, contact one of their reps at the phone number on your bill or 1-800-Comcast, or use one of the other options on and have them fix the problem.