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Being still alive in the modern Comcast world

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Being still alive in the modern Comcast world

The whole wireless/mobile phone revolution has passed me by. I do not have a cell phone and I can't justify the incurring the expense of a mobile phone. It is sometimes hard to live in the wireless world as companies like Comcast forget you still are around. Things like not being able to complete the account setup because you do not have a cell phone are real frustration.


I own my own internet modem and it is wires into my system on the second floor. Recently I had to replace the very old Comcast voice modem in the basement Comcast hung on a screw beneath the electric panel. I was not able to get a replacement and ended up with a wireless gateway on a shelf near the panel. There is no ethernet wiring in the basement and I wanted the wireless internet modems turned off. Apparently Comcast does not have a procedure on their sereens for this. It took me three tried to get an experienced agent that could actually understand what was necessary.


Being 72 in a world you were not born into stinks. I guess I have outlived my cost effectiveness for customer service

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Re: Being still alive in the modern Comcast world

Hello ancient46. If you still need assistance with your new Comcast Wireless Gateway, or with any of your services, I can help. To get started, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account.