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emails disappearing

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emails disappearing

Even though I never seem to get answers or help, I thought I'd try again. Now, all of my emails are disappearing. I need these emails back. It seems that each day a new problem crops up and it's standard advice for Comcast to try and tell you it's something on your end. It's not. It's something to do with their system. Is anyone having a problem with their Comcast emails disappearing? Does anyone know what this is and how to possibly get the emails back? I have these emails as documentation and yesterday they were all there and now they're all gone.


If anyone can help, please let me know. I am astounded at the problems and the lack of response. 

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Re: emails disappearing

If email is disappearing from Comcast's "Xfinity Connect" webmail Inbox, it's usually because an email program (ex: Outlook, Mac Mail) or mobile device (smartphone, tablet) removes the mail from the server.

Check all mobile devices and email programs on all computers. The missing mail may be in the Inbox of one of these. If you can't find the culprit, change the Comcast password for the affected userID to prevent mail from being removed. You can change your password in "My Account" ( Once you identify the offending device or program, change its settings to "Leave a copy on the server", and make sure that a "Delete after xxx days" or similar setting is not active. Or you might change the culprit from POP to IMAP.