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email messup

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email messup

What the !!! is going on with the email? I cleaned up my email at the comcast site and when I went back to my computer all my emails on MY COMPUTER in MY HOME had been deleted. The inbox had been emptied. Over 1000 messages have been lost. I never authorized such an action and never would. I feel totally violated and absolutely furious.


Re: email messup

Are you using an email desktop client like Thunderbird or Outlook on the computer?  What do you mean when you say you "cleaned" up the email?  Did you delete a bunch of messages from the webmail interface?  If you are using a client, Comcast accounts are IMAP compliant by default.  That means that anything you do to a message on one device will be reflected on any other device with that account enabled on it.  Check the Trash folder to see if they are in there.  If so you can move them back to the Inbox.