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email default

I've gone to my account settings and changed my discontinued yahoo email address for my current email default, but when I sent anything to my email (<Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Personal Information">) it still shows a error in delivery to: <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Personal Information">.  This yahoo account has been discontinued, and it doesn't show in my comcast account, but it still shows up to all who send me messages to my address.  Does this make sense?


Re: email default

We need to clarify just what is going on here.  What are your recipients seeing when you send to them with the Comcast email account?  How is Yahoo playing into it?  What do you mean when you say you changed the default--------do you mean in Yahoo or in Comcast?  Are you using only the Comcast webmail UI, or do you have the account enabled in a desktop client like Thunderbird or Outlook?