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Xfinity Connect: Inbox

Using XFINITY Connect: Inbox.  My email has been blocked!  My bill, although extrodinarily high, is currently paid in full.  XFINITY is now blocking my email with an add.  Today's Mortgage Rate...etc.  An add by Lending Tree.  It appears over the top of my email.  I wouldn't mind so much if it was off to the side.  I could ignore it!  But NO!  It actually blocks my email and there's no way around it!  I used the little slider bar at the bottom to see if I could slide back and forth to read my business email.   Nope!   Its still covering the text! 


I've waited now for 20 minutes,  filled this out, and its still there.  Like it's actually expecting me to click on an add??

I have no interest in Lending Tree.  I am paying for an email service provider and Lending Tree is blocking my service.  Who is responsible?  Lending Tree or XFINITY? 




Re: Xfinity Connect: Inbox

That doesn't sound like an ad from Comcast.  Is the pop-up blocker in your browser enabled?