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Upload Speed spotty - No help

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Re: Upload Speed spotty - No help

Im just glad im not alone. I live in a subburb of chicago and have had no luck fixing my gaming woes for the past several years.

We need the expertise of EG on here. Im no tech expert but my modem is not receiving the proper power on the upstream channels and i do also remember there being a good amount of hops between destinations the last time I ran one

Im not going to steal your post and post all my info but hoping that this gets somebodys attention........because even one of their techs came out and said there was a bigger issue with the neighborhood signal strength
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Re: Upload Speed spotty - No help

Lets see: More info


Looks like the core issue is with nodes:


Even when doing a test to Google these nodes appear to drop way too many packets.

That combined with odd routing table changes and so on appears to be the root cause. Don't suppose any network techs every look at these posts, do you?

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Re: Upload Speed spotty - No help

How about some more info?

Used Ping plotter and discovered interesting routing information, most noteably that there seems to be some packet loss at a series of routers around Chicago. And that all the traffic to the Twitch ingest servers (no matter where in the USA they are) is being routed through NY for some strange reason.


Tried streaming using (to bypass that strange NY routing) and what do you know, no issue between /them/ and twitch but still issues between me and whoever I'm uploading to.


Soo.... basically the issue is on Comcast's end and I've only been told to contact the services I'm uploading to even when I'm pretty darn sure it's a network issue in Comcast's backbone, routing tables, etc something in that area.


Also for the record had a Tech out here a couple of weeks ago and nothing wrong internally or with my setup connection etc. So no, nothing wrong at home as it were.

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Upload Speed spotty - No help

So here is the adventure and my issue:


I isolated an issue where my upload speeds drop outside of the most immediate host area using I have been having issues with uploading streaming video to a site I have used for 3 years without this particlar issue.


Core info:

Issue is new

Connection is wired

Speeds to first/default host of comcast are fine

Sudden drop in upload/latency to streaming service

Testing by 3rd party tools indicates drop in upload to anywhere outside my immediate area.

Test using xfinity speed test mirrors drops in speed when not using default host (Using advanced options to select alternate host sites)

Get bumped around tier 1 and tier 2 all day

Finally get someone to talk to and they say:

Well, that node 3 states away is really far and so losing 80% of your upload speed would be normal because it is so far away!!!

Also: Contace the third party streaming site it is their fault.


My answer:

No, 3 or 4 states away is NOT far for the internet.

No I should not see a drop of 80% or more in that range.

No one else using the third party site is having this issue that I can tell, including Comcast Customers not so far away.


Their answer: Sorry, not our issue, we give you the speed to the local host if it goes bad (even if it is our network) past then then it is not our issue.




I have no idea what else to do now. Clearly not a hardware issue on my end, clearly not a local area network issue. Clearly not something Comcast desires to help me with.


This is just throwing a message out there in vain hopes someone might have an idea because at this point I'm at a loss and clearly tier 2 support isn't keen on  or able to provide more assistance.