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Technicolor TC8305C WARNIING - wireless gateway not working

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Technicolor TC8305C WARNIING - wireless gateway not working

I traded my Arris modem and old cisco router for the Xfinity Technicolor TC8305C wireless gateway. What a mistake!!!   I installed the wireless gateway and the wireless was dropping every 3 mintes. I went onto signature support and they did a manufacturer download mutiple resets and no change still dropping ever 3 minutes.  They tell me I shodu replace it. I get a new one at teh comcast store, and set it up and it has the same problem. Signature support says they have beeb getting this problem ever since they updated the microcode on the modem.  After 3 days of working on this I went out and bought a new Linksys router.  It now works fine, except since I'm running through the wireless gateway my bandwdith is lower. - but it does not drop.  I guess I'll have them send me the Arris modem back since we have VIOP (otherwise I would get my own modem). 


Warning don't get the Technicolor 8305c until they fix the problem. It is usless to call signature support because they can't get it working. 



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Re: Technicolor TC8305C WARNIING - wireless gateway not working

Same boat here, but my issue is also with the direct connection to the ether and not just wireless:


I have gone through 2 TC8305C modems. I wonder if their is a sensitivity issue with these modems. I talked with one of the bucket guys who work on the comcast equipment yesterday and he saw a lot of interference on the comcast lines, but my connection appeared to drop more than my neighbors.  I'm going to see if he has another modem or the same. I also have my own SB6121 which I might switch back to.

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Re: Technicolor TC8305C WARNIING - wireless gateway not working

I am having the same problems with this product!  I just changed it out yesterday and still am having wireless up and down issues.  Stream XBox and video is horrible!  This all started a few days ago.  What happened??

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Re: Technicolor TC8305C WARNIING - wireless gateway not working


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Re: Technicolor TC8305C WARNIING - wireless gateway not working


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Re: Technicolor TC8305C WARNIING - wireless gateway not working

Most customers are not tech savvy and trust comcast to give them devices that work. Comcast knows these Gateways are defective yet still continue to hand them out to the masses this makes it seem comcast don't really care if the customer is happy or not. You said you are a tech I would assume you work for comcast are you aware comcast employees are not allowed to post in these forums unless your user name is red? The only way you can post here with no red user name is to not mention in any way you are a comcast employee.
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Re: Technicolor TC8305C WARNIING - wireless gateway not working

I spent over 7 hours yesterday dealing with the infamous TC8035C Technicolor issues. I wish i had found these posts prior to agreeing to give up my old RCA Thompson router. I finally have internet and phone service, but the wifi is problematic for multiple devices including Sonos and my VPN wireless to access work. It has been a complete nightmare. DO NOT ALLOW COMCAST TO SWITCH YOU TO THIS CABLE MODEM. ITS JUNK AND THEY ARE SO CHEAP THAT WHILE YOU ARE LEASING IT FOR $8/MO IT DOESN'T EVEN COME WITH A BACKUP BATTERY TO SUPPORT 911 SERVICE. THE ONLY REASON I STILL HAVE A LANDLINE IS FOR 911 FAMILY SAFETY ISSUES.

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Re: Technicolor TC8305C WARNIING - wireless gateway not working

My RCA Thompson modem which did not have a built in router and i could use my own netgear router which worked perfectly.

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Re: Technicolor TC8305C WARNIING - wireless gateway not working

Hi, all:

We (the wife and I) are new Comcast HSI subscribers as of this past Friday. Since our modem/router is the TC8305C and we used to have the reset issue and now don't, I thought I'd share our experience 72 some-odd hours into the service.

The first thing I noticed after changing out the patch cable going from the router to the wall jack from the one created by the tech to a different one I had hanging around, I noticed that less than 15 minutes went by and the device reset (e.g.: as if we choose to reboot the device). Then I changed out my older cable with one that has grommets at both ends. After this change, we've been well over a day's up-time with no reboots (also noticed the lack of entries in the system log on the router for errors).

The whole point of changing out the original patch cable was because it was too short for good modem placement.

Also, this is definitely an 8 down by 4 up channel modem. Further, the router side is really good and more than adequately covers our two-story house without issue.

Incidentally, our 25/5 Performance Internet service actually clocks in at 28/6, so absolutely no complaints here.

It's kind of funny - yesterday as my wife and I were re-registering SSIDs and passwords, we began noticing a definite increase in the number of the same base SSIDs showing up from neighbors' routers. Word must be getting around, because we've never noticed those SSIDs before.

Honestly, I'd really like to know how to buy one of these Technicolor modem/routers, as this one is leased, and I'd like to eventually stop that charge.

I hope this helps!

Re: Technicolor TC8305C WARNIING - wireless gateway not working

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Re: Technicolor TC8305C WARNIING - wireless gateway not working

Hello ... I have been on another Comcast board posting regarding wifi dropping with Comcast devices (i.e., see and I have just today discovered this posting that is specific to the Technicolor TC8305c gateway.  Thought that I would share the experience that I have had with this box so here are my two salient posts from the other thread:


Posted ‎01-13-2014 12:01 PM  Re: WiFi drops over and over


I spent some time yesterday afternoon trawling the Comcast forums and (surprise-surprise) wifi drops seem to be very prevalent within the Comcast universe.


I came across the same thread that Jmatus found wherein the finger of blame seems to point at the Arris hardware family.  I also found another thread that started last August (i.e.., way before our December issue start date) and it appears to point at the encryption method as the villain (see


Late yesterday I also spent 30 minutes on hold to have an 8 minute conversation with "Franklin" from the Comcast tech desk.  He offered two possible causes based on his experience with these wifi drop symptoms and my Comcast gateway device:

1) the old router is still attached to the cable modem (not at all my situation - both the old router and the separate cable modem were replaced by the single Comcast gateway device);

2) the gateway's wifi channel selection has to be changed from Automatic to Manual and then the user experiments with one of these channels to see which one works: 6, 11, or 1.


I also asked Franklin if using g/n mode instead of b/g/n mode could be an issue (i.e.., I had read another non-Comcast blog that spoke to older wireless devices not  reacting well with g/n-only mode); his response was "likely not" but he saw no harm in changing the mode down to b/g/n from g/n-only.


So here is what I ended up doing via my gateway's >>Gateway>Connection>WiFi> dashboard:


1.  Changed Mode to b/g/n from g/n

2.  Changed the Channel Selection to Manual from Automatic

3.  Changed the Channel to 6 (this selection became available when Channel Selection was changed to Manual; it was greyed-out when the Channel Selection was set as Automatic)


And the wifi drops continued.  So following Franklin's suggestion I changed the Channel to 11.  And lo-and-behold the wifi drops have ceased and I am experiencing solid wifi performance across all of my wireless devices; however, that improvement has only been for the last 12 hours or so and I will therefore continue to monitor and come back to this forum thread periodically with an update (I fear that Murphy's Law will invoke its wrath upon me as soon as I hit 'post' to this message and my improved performance will revert to the wifi drop state).


I re-learned a couple of things from this:  today's technology is not one-size-fits-all regardless of what the vendors' marketing machines tell you and each user's installation has its own list of real and to-be-discovered "gotcha's".  My Comcast gateway device, for example, is essentially a computer which, like any other computer, evidently needs to be rebooted every so often to clean out the memory leaks, dangling files, and other detritus that slow down and confuse it.  So, I have set up a calendar tickler to go in every 2nd Saturday and perform the soft gateway reset regardless of whether the performance has degraded or has maintained its consistency.  Hopefully this will keep my wifi on an even keel.


Posted ‎01-17-2014 02:15 PM Re: WiFi drops over and over


Update:  my fixes from Jan-13 are holding as wifi performance has been solid for the last four days.


To Jmatus:  in re-reading my post from Jan-13 I see that I may not have completely conveyed Franklin's guidance (i.e., Franklin is the Comcast tech with whom I spoke).  He advised me that finding the best channel to work with is a trial-&-error process and that his experience with the TC8305c unit is that one should start with channel 6 and then cycle to 11 and then cycle to 1 as one of these three choices seems to resolve the dropped wifi issue; moreover, he did not eliminate continuing to cycle through the other channels as needed.


I found another Comcast forum that speaks specifically to the TC8305c gateway device: lots of complaints but there is one post that praises the device


I also determined that the TC8305c manufacturer is a French company:  Here is their webpage regarding the TC8305 family of devices:  


Lastly, here is the TC8305c Setup & User Manual that can be downloaded from what appears to be the vendor’s document library:


Re: Technicolor TC8305C WARNIING - wireless gateway not working

You are probably seeing more SSIDs because of a better antenna/receiver on the new modem/wireless router....